Statement of the President

There is a popular, and grossly incorrect, assumption that archives are about the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. Archives by their very nature must be the most forward looking organisations so we can provide the primary reason for our existence, to enable the society of the future to make sense of where it came from, how and why.

But how does an archive position itself to be in the right shape, with the right services at the right time? Twenty years ago, maybe even ten years ago, who could have really seen the tremendous impact social media has had on shaping the expectations of society. Archives need to have some idea of what the future holds so we can begin to shape our organisations to meet the future. Where can we begin to imagine what an archive will look like in the future?

In 2017 SEAPAVAA is making a return to Manila for our Annual Conference and General Assembly to consider and discuss this very issue. In 2017 SEAPAVAA's conference will explore:

“Imagining an AV Archive of the Future”

The SEAPAVAA Conference is the highlight of our year. This is where likeminded people facing the same challenges come together to share their knowledge and experience.

SEAPAVAA was formed in Manila in 1996 so it is with great pleasure that we will celebrate our 21st year back in Manila. The Philippines is famous for its hospitality so a great conference is assured. I invite you to plan to attend our conference and I look forward to catching up with you in Manila in April next year.


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